How do you classify the condition of each device?

Our devices are classified into three categories depending on their external appearance post refurbishment. Category 1/ Like New (A+): Immaculate condition. Often with a new screen, battery or housing; Or an ex-demo or customer returned device that has barely had use, battery above 95% health (12 month warranty) Category 2/ Excellent (A): light scuff markings, may have tiny chip or scratch here and there, battery above 85% health (12 month warranty) Category 3/ Good (B): usual wear and tear, may have chips and scratches, battery above 80% health (12 month warranty) Category 4/ Fair (C): battle-proven, rough around the edges, a fan favourite, battery above 75% (12 month warranty)

What is the difference between a second-hand device and a refurbished device?

All of our devices have been repaired or refurbished before undergoing a rigorous 28 point inspection, testing everything from the battery life to the vibration to ensure they are in perfect working order. A second hand device, is purchasing a device as is when it leaves the previous owner's hands, these we do not sell. The word refurbished gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean to us? We define refurbished as a handset, tablet or computer that has been refreshed through our strict Device Trader testing, cleaning and grading process. Firstly, all of our devices are thoroughly cleaned on intake with 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol. Then, all functions of the device are tested with any issues repaired by our expert technicians. It’s at this stage the device often receives a brand new screen or battery to really live it’s ‘new’ best life. It then undergoes a rigorous 28 point documented inspection, testing everything from the cameras to the vibration, to ensure it is in perfect working order. Once our technicians are satisfied with the functionality, it’s carefully cleaned, polished and packaged ready for a new home…yay! A second hand device is purchasing a device as is, when it leaves the previous owner's hands. These you will not find at Device Trader.

What warranty does my device come with?

Your purchase comes with a full 12 month warranty against faults with the device. Our warranty does not cover physical or liquid damage.

Why should I buy a refurbished device?

With the constant increase in new electronic devices comes a constant increase in e-waste, which unsurprisingly has extensive negative impacts on the environment. As a more sustainable approach to electronics, we believe in extending the lifespan of each device. Purchasing a refurbished device will not only save you from parting with some of those hard-earned dollars, but also help to make a positive difference in reducing environmental impact.

What accessories will my device come with?

All products are sold with their compatible charging plug and lead. In the instance where the original box is not available, your device will come carefully packed in one of our own to ensure it arrives safely at your door.

I have an issue with my refurbished device, what now?

If you happen to have an issue with your device, simply reach out to our friendly customer service team via our online chat, over the phone (02 6685 5585), shoot us an email ( or visit us in-store. Let us know your issue and we will be on the case as soon as we can!

Do all phones come unlocked?

Every mobile device comes unlocked and ready to roll. All you need to do is insert your SIM card and set up your device as you would a brand new one. Voila!

How do I know my refurbished device will be reliable?

Each of our devices undergo a 28 point inspection to ensure it is fully functional before embarking on its new life. To give you greater peace of mind, we also offer warranty with every device we sell.

What is the battery life like on refurbished devices?

During the repair and refurbishment process we test the battery life to ensure it meets the standard outlined in our 28 point inspection. If the battery isn’t quite up to scratch, we’ll replace it with a brand new one.

Does Device Trader sell new devices?

Here at Device Trader we promote a sustainable approach to integrating technology into our daily lives. We do sell a small range of new products but the majority of our devices are pre-loved and ready for their next human adventure.