How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Repairs in Byron Bay

by Duane Tutchen on August 01, 2022

It may come as a surprise to you that Australia is one of the highest producers of e-waste in the world. In 2019, we were ranked number 5 in the world, producing 21.7kg of e-waste per person. That's pretty shocking, but it's easy for each one of us to do something about it.

Repairing rather than replacing your broken mobile phone is a great way to save money and do your bit for the environment. Got a smashed screen or went for a dip with it still in your swimmers? Mobile phone repairs can get your beloved device back to its former glory - maybe even better. 

But with so many companies to choose from, how can you pick the right one? Let's explore that question together.

Expertise and Experience

It's staggering to think that smartphones have only been a part of our lives for 15 years. The first iPhone was launched in 2007 and by the end of that decade, had taken the world, including Australia, by storm.

The bottom line is you're not going to find a repair shop that can boast thirty years' experience in repairing iPhones and Samsung smartphones. But you still don't want to entrust one of your most prized possessions to someone who only started in business last week.

Look for a company that's well established and has experience with your kind of phone. Most specialise in particular brands, with Samsung and iPhone repairs being the most common. Make sure they've been in business for a while and have the technical skills to do a great job. 

Look at the kind of repair services they offer.

Can they handle water damage repairs? What about data recovery? If they can, they've got some serious skills.

Another way to check is if they offer second-hand smartphones for sale.

They Sell Second Hand Smartphones

A good way to tell if the company is confident in its repairs is if they sell refurbished phones

Companies who do this take a broken iPhone, for example, and put it through a rigorous refurbishment process. This will include:

  • External repairs, including new screens, home buttons, and cameras
  • Battery replacement if needed
  • Update the operating system

They'll then put it through a bunch of tests to make sure that everything is functioning correctly. If they find any faults, they'll fix them before offering it for sale.

The range of phones they sell gives you an idea of their expertise. Companies might specialise in just a couple of brands. This gives you confidence that they know exactly what they're doing when you take your phone to them. 

Parts On Hand

Aussies spend 72.2 hours a month - that's 2.37 hours a day - using just 5 mobile phone apps. If you're interested, those apps are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok. You can add to that all the time they spend texting, browsing the net and sometimes even making calls on their phones.

So if you need someone to fix your mobile phone, you don't want to be parted from it for too long. Look for a company that can provide in-store mobile phone repairs fast. To do that, they'll need to keep great stocks of Apple and Samsung parts on hand.

Some of the best stores will get your phone back to you looking good as new within 60 minutes. That shouldn't be too long for even the most devoted social media user. 

The best stores also keep devices on hand in case they can't repair yours within the hour. If you need to leave it with them for several hours or overnight, their 'courtesy phone' can keep you connected until you get your phone back.

Get Recommendations

We get bombarded with advertisements every day. But businesses know that word of mouth is still the most trusted form of marketing. Especially when you get recommendations from family and friends.

Your phone might not be working, but you can still jump on your computer and send out an SOS on Facebook or other social networks. If your friends and family are Byron Bay-based, they're bound to come up with recommendations. 

They might also warn you about some jokers you wouldn't want to touch with a bargepole! Either way, it's valuable intel and can narrow down your choice.

Check Out Reviews

You can usually find reviews and testimonials on most websites that offer mobile phone repairs. But of course, these are cherry-picked to give the best impression of the company.

Online review sites can give you a more unbiased picture of what type of company they are. Sites like Local Search allow you to see unvarnished opinions. Of course, however good the store is, you'll almost always get a few negative reviews.

Look out for themes as you read the reviews. Are people generally happy with their customer service? Are their repairs high-quality, or do they have to take them elsewhere a few days later? 

If there are a couple of dodgy reviews, what was the problem? And check out whether the company followed up and sincerely tried to put this right. If they did, that tells you a lot about how seriously they take customer service.

Trust Device Trader for Mobile Phone Repairs

If you love the phone you've got, don't change it just because it needs a repair. Remember, keeping older devices going isn't just good for your bank balance. It's good for the planet too.

At Device Trader, we specialise in iPhone and Samsung mobile phone repairs. Whatever's happened to your phone, get in touch, and we should be able to put it right.

We're located right in the heart of Byron Bay. Give us a call at (02) 66855585 or contact us online, and we'll get back to you soon. Walk-ins are also welcome!